Traveling through train is a quite unique experience other than bus and flight. The Train is the most suited vehicle for a long journey which can be highly convenient, enjoyable as well as economical.  One cannot have such marvelous scenic view other than railway that offers a close-up of nature. However, people can confront illness, face injury, and theft sometimes when not taking care of a few simple precautions.

Here are some train travel safety tips for passengers to have a safe and pleasant journey.


Pack your luggage in a light weight bag. The Trolley bag is the most preferable. It will make your task of lifting bag easier. Depending on stopping place, porters may or may not be available. Therefore, be prepared to carry it by yourself.

Lock your luggage having precious items. However, it is not recommended to travel by train while having jewelry or heavy cash. In case of compulsion, do carry straps or cords and lock to secure your bag from theft.  


The Train platform is a very common place for thieves and robbers to do their work. Therefore, you have to be very alert whenever the station is crowded with people. Keep a close eye on your luggage as well as on your pockets.

Don’t ever cross the rail track to get to a platform. Use foot over bridge and marked pathways to change the platform side.

Listen to each and every announcement played on the station. There may be a useful declaration of your train and there could be last-minute changes that you must know.

Maintain a proper distance from the edge of the platform to prevent fall onto the rails.


Make sure you are boarding a correct train car. In case of any doubt, ask nearby people if it is going to your destination.

Board your train immediately after its arrival. But, don’t be in haste as it may lead to injury. Keep your all luggage under the seat and confirm your seats before taking it.

Stay alert while walking into a moving train. You may lose balance in a moving railcar and therefore, handle railing or seat back as you walk through the rail cars.

Don’t leave your bags unattended and secure it with locks. If you are required to head to bathroom then take your valuable items with you. Don’t trust any stranger. Also, don’t say yes to anyone who asks you to watch their luggage.

If you are in a sleeper, lock your compartment while sleeping. Keep a note on your valuable item’s bag. Even a well-dressed stranger may turn out to be a thief.


Don’t accept any food and drink offered by strangers. Also, guide the same to your children.

Be ready with your water bottles as tap water on the railway station is not potable. Also, use hand sanitizer after washing your hands.


  • Don’t keep your phone on silent mode.
  • Don’t carry a large amount of cash.
  • Take first-aid kit with you.
  • Don’t count your money in front of strangers.

These were some helpful safety precautions while traveling by train which you must follow. Whether you are traveling alone or with your family, a long traveling or a short one, these precautions will secure your railway journey.

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