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Recently, a company charged me $ 9.00 a day for the privilege of using an e-toll pass to pay $ 2 in tolls during a week's rental.  


Renting a car used to be somewhat simple - reserve, present license and credit card, drive, return, pay credit card bill when due.   I have now come to dread walking up to the rental desk to fend off the rental car gotchas.  Between the aggressive up sale and stealth surcharges, I want to ask the way to the bus stop.     


I found this information about steering clear of rental ripoffs,  READ HERE  


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Thanks, that was a good article. I got some ideas from it!


I always get confused about whether I need to take insurance from the rental and it's always sky-high. I have some credit cards that say they cover it, but I hadn't realized that a lot of time my own car insurance would cover me with the rental. Boy, have we wasted a bunch!


The other idea I liked there was taking pictures of the car before you leave their office so you can show them if they try to say you scratched up the car.


Feels kinda bad, though, to have to deal with companies you know upfront might be trying to cheat ya!

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