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While India means breathtaking natural beauty and magnificent monuments, it is also a country of bumpy roads in urgent need of maintenance. While people try to avoid driving on these nightmares, to adventure lovers these are source of thrill.

Let us checkout some roads that can boost your adrenaline this vacation.

1. Khardungla Pass: Biking On The Top

Ladakh is a land of mysteries and Khardungla Pass is its challenge to the thrill lovers. Driving through this pass is a dare even to the master bikers. Located at an altitude of 5602 metres above sea level, the road is not paved and top of that slippery. As an icing on the cake, it has hairpin turns.

Khardungla Pass

2. Kishtwar Kailash Highway: Guard less Driving

Running through the Kishtwar district of Kashmir, this road has no guard rails for almost 150 metres to save you dropping down to 600 metres. The overhanging cliffs almost kiss the roof of your car, making it difficult to take turn through the narrow roads.

Kishtwar Kailash Highway

3. Killar: Turns Impossible

With the shadow of huge cliffs touching your car and narrow just to fit a single cab, this road is the scare of Pangi Valley, Himachal Pradesh. Locals try to avoid this road with sharp turns even in daylight, leave along nights.

Killar, Himachal Pradesh

4. Zoji La Pass: Landslides are Companion

Another high altitude road, 3538 metres above sea level, the Zoji La Pass of Ladakh, frightens you with its slippery roads. With round the year snow and dust, mud in the rains and landslides, it is a complete package of nightmare.

Zoji La Pass, Kashmir

5. Chang La Pass: Driving Through the Snow Carpet

Located at Leh, this 5360 metre high road tests your driving skills. With its super slippery roads and lack of oxygen, this road is another favourite of adventure crazy tourists.

Chang La Pass

6. NH 22 Kinnaur Road: Mistakes not Permitted

This highway of Kinnaur region is known to have claimed many lives from its inception. With its low hanging cliffs, blind turns and narrow, dark holes, the road threaten to throw you in the Baspa River with just one collision.

Kinnaur Road, Himachal Pradesh

7. Rohtang Pass: A Roller Coaster Ride

Manali is just not beautiful but also scary with its famous Rohtang Pass. Elevated at a height of 3979 metres, this icy road is prone to landslides.

Rohtang Pass

8. Nathula Pass: Curves like Snakes

This road through Sikkim is just for slow and steady drivers. Landslides during the rains and snow sludge during the winters make this winding road prone to danger.

Nathu La Pass, Sikkim

9. Neral: Forget Speed

Safety is better than speed should be your principle when you are driving through the super sharp turns of the Neral road of Maharashtra. The hairpin turns and the high probability of landslides warn you from taking this road; Neral is situated at 40 metres above sea level.

Neral Matheran Road

10. Sela Pass: A Heart Palpitating Journey

Located at an elevation of 4170 metres, this problematic road of Arunachal Pradesh takes you to the peace heaven of Tawang. Mostly layered in snow, this road is extremely slippery and fatal with sharp turns.

SELA Pass, Arunachal

Hence if you love crazy fun, pack your backs and head to any of these roads this vacation.


Images (10)
  • Khardungla Pass
  • Kishtwar- Kailash Road
  • Killar- Kishtawar
  • Zoji La Pass, Kashmir
  • Chang La, Ladakh
  • Kinnaur Road, Himachal Pradesh
  • Rohtang Pass
  • Nathu La Pass, Sikkim
  • Neral Matheran Road
  • SELA Pass, Arunachal
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