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Re: Finishing college. Need help planning trip to U.K,

Hank ·
Again thanks, this is incredibly helpful!! So I think I'll look at trains for trips from bigger cities to other cities, and fill in the gaps with bus if the pricing works out. A little more planning is needed. Even though it's expensive, I do want to spend around a week in London. Being an architect, there's just so much to see and do there, like seeing the Houses of Parliament and Westminister Abbey. I plan on being on the go almost all day each day there -- can rest later, maybe in the...

Unmissable Sights in Budapest

NikOl-Bp ·
We often travel to other countries, other cities, but not always for sightseeing. Conference, meeting, maybe for some service. These trips sometimes takes several days, but we can also decide to connect the pleasant to the useful and look around the city. Here is a brief introduction for those, whose destination is Budapest. What is a must see, from the Hungarian capital. I recommend this article, which contains more than 100 sights, for those who want to spend more days in Budapest, or want...