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Now this is how you explore the sites of New Delhi

Pratap Singh ·
Around 7 million travelers from all over the world visit India every year. Most of them land at New Delhi Airport (Indira Gandhi International Airport), and from here they hire cabs or catch a train to starts their holidays in India. Along with this many travelers also give a day or two in Delhi to explore the tourist monuments of the city and observe the life at India's capital. In this post, I've tried to present a typical tour itinerary on how a traveler can enjoy a fantastic week (or max...

How to make a trip to Rajasthan the best experience ever?

Swapnil Jukunte ·
With Rajasthan, the first thing that comes to mind is their culture. The folk songs and the traditional attires are unbeatable for sure. However, if you ever plan a trip to Rajasthan , there are certain things you must try out anyhow. Things to do in Rajasthan to make it the best vacation so far Although there are ample numbers of places you can visit in Rajasthan, the most fun lies in the following: Zip Lining: It is also commonly known as Flying Fox. While zipping from one cliff to...
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Chand Baori Stepwell, Abaneri

DrFumblefinger ·
DrFumblefinger visits one of India's fascinating and ancient stepwells, this one Chand Baori, in the village of Abaneri, Rajasthan.

Re: Chand Baori Stepwell, Abaneri

Professorabe ·
I remember being gob-smacked when I set eyes on this one. Our driver had never heard of it and also seemed very impressed. Superb photos!