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Re: Ferrara Italy

Marilyn Jones ·
Very peaceful photo. Thank you for sharing it.
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New aluminum battery could be traveler's best friend

PHeymont ·
Imagine a smartphone battery that could recharge fully in just over a minute, could be recharged 7500 times, and is lighter than any battery you've ever had. And, oh yes, it can't catch fire as lithium-ion batteries can, and it's easier to recycle....

5 Top Destinations for Rainy Season in India

Bob Hanery ·
If there is any season that brings in romance and happiness in the air, then rainy season is one of them. If you love to holiday in this season, then India is a place to be. Lot of people from abroad, travel to India between June and August every year. This is because India is known and famous for the rainy season. Imagine, mountains in the view, your cottage well located with hot coffee in hand and rain outside – isn’t it a worthwhile view to watch? If you do not mind getting a little wet...
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Ferrara Italy

Jonathan L ·
Ferrara Italy