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Re: Liverpool and Manchester

GarryRF ·
Trains run every hour between the two Cities Paul. You need to add Liverpool Anglican Cathedral and the Catholic Cathedral of Christ the King. We have two.The Anglican one was the worlds largest - but I think St Johns in NY had to beat it. Speke Hall. Chester. Here's a list to peruse at your leisure. Meanwhile I'll put a reserved in my diary. Liverpool Cathedral 360' tour: Liverpool World Museum

5 Spectacular Heritage Sites in Delhi

Anil Verma ·
To make your stay in Delhi sultanate more enticing, we have brought to you the list of 5 best heritage sites in Delhi visiting which will bring you more close to the Delhi and its rich culture. Scroll down the list below – 1. National Rail Museum in New Delhi National Rail Museum in New Delhi The National Rail Museum in Delhi is all about the taking a journey into the past. The museum is a perfect place for spending some quality time with your loved ones. People on their Delhi day tour...

Most Popular Churches In Goa

Sunil Kumar ·
What is Goa most popular for? Its beaches of course. Those lovely stretches of sand that are great for spending a day in complete relaxation or enjoying various water sports in Goa. However, what most tourists forget is that Goa has a lot to offer besides its beaches, like its forts, spice plantations, casinos, and such other stuff that make for a memorable vacation. Goa is also home to a number of churches, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are repositories of heritage and...

10 Water Sports and Their Top 5 Spots

John Peter ·
This human-made chaos is everything we want to survive this time and everything we get frustrated with. We as a mortal being are keen to watch movies in which robots are flying and changing the world or meta-humans are saving the planet earth. It indicates our want for something drastic to happen in this world, but what we are not willing to do is to leave our couch and drag ourselves out from the house to make our own life better or to save our own-self. I have always found water to be a...

New Mexico: It ain't new, and it ain't Mexico!

Inn on the Alameda ·
January 6 th , 2014 is the 102nd anniversary of New Mexican Statehood , which makes this a good time to take a look at the exciting and unique history of our town dating back much further than our statehood. The story of Santa Fe is a multicultural tapestry that dates to the 16th century and defines it as one of the most unique, amazing capital cities in the entire United States. Eighty years after Hernan Cortes conquered the Aztecs and established New Spain, the Conquistador Don Juan de...

Top 5 Family Holiday Destinations in India

Ruby Daub ·
Choosing the best destination for a family vacation in India, as with other topics, is not an easy task, thanks to the diversity and multitude of options available to the most demanding travelers. There are beaches, wonderful examples of architecture, adventure, culture and fun experiences for a full sense of family in India. Best holiday destinations for families Plan your trip, considering the weather and other conditions. We make sure you have a great time! See this if you travel in...

Reasons why you should visit Ethiopia

David Mason ·
Reasons why you should visit Ethiopia Ethiopia is a culturally and environmentally rich country that is considered one of the world’s biggest tourist draw. It has beautiful natural attractions, great people and exciting traditions that will help you learn more about the country, Africa and the world. It has been voted as the best destination around the world by the European Council on Tourism and trade twice because of its unique blend of a natural and human environment. Ethiopia is home to...