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Re: Boston in the fall - suggestions please!

HistoryDigger ·
Glad you're traveling again, Mac. Boston is my home town, and October is THE BEST MONTH. Where are you staying in the city? I'd walk the Freedom Trail if you're feeling up to it. Go down to the waterfront. Boston Common and Charles Street are fun places to hang out. Newbury Street is fancy shopping and also has a few fun bistros and coffee shops. The Science Museum is excellent. Plenty of seafood to be had. New England clam chowder is great if you have sweater-weather. Go whale-watching...

5 Top Destinations to Check Out When Visiting Sydney

Candice Larson ·
Sydney is the oldest and biggest city of Australia. It lies in between the intermingling of land and sea. In 1788, commander of the First Fleet Captain Arthur Phillip established the first British colony in Sydney Cove of Australia. Tourists can no visit Sydney's fabled history in the narrow cobbled laneways and historic buildings surrounding the area. After booking your flight and choosing the best hotel such as Four Seasons and Holiday Inn accommodation , it is time to explore the various...

Do You Want To Fish But Don’t Know How To? Book A Fishing Trip!

Zachary Patrick ·
Do you love to fish? Or at least like the idea of fishing? Do you imagine yourself sipping your drink and sitting with friends holding the fishing rod on a cool summer day? Well then you need to get up and go fishing tomorrow morning. But uh oh! You don’t know how to fish? And above all you don’t own a boat? Does that mean you cannot fish now? You can! You can fish your heart out if you like and that too on a boat. But how you ask? Well, you can go charter fishing. There are a lot of places...

10 Water Sports and Their Top 5 Spots

John Peter ·
This human-made chaos is everything we want to survive this time and everything we get frustrated with. We as a mortal being are keen to watch movies in which robots are flying and changing the world or meta-humans are saving the planet earth. It indicates our want for something drastic to happen in this world, but what we are not willing to do is to leave our couch and drag ourselves out from the house to make our own life better or to save our own-self. I have always found water to be a...

5 Things Party Cruises Offer To People

magiccruises ·
Cruising with extended family or friends is a great way of catching up with your near and dear ones. Moreover, it is also a very good way of reaping special perks, right from free drinks to free cabins. If group travels are needed, the cruise lines must be asked as to what extra discounts are added; double check and only if you are satisfied, do the booking. Each member gets goodies. Have a look at 5 things that the party cruises in Harbor do for people; Cabins This is probably the best...

How to Make Your Short Vacation to Hong Kong Delightful?

bryonyaraminta ·
What makes Hong Kong immensely popular? This densely populated city located in southeastern China is hugely famous for its food and fashion. You can also find a lot of fun things to do when you are visiting Hong Kong. The plethora of options available often creates confusion in the minds of the visitors who are on a short vacation to this city. If you want to make use of your Hong Kong trip effectively, the beautiful places that you must visit are given below. The wonderful view from the...


Susan California ·
Wellington, the capital of New Zealand serves as one of the hottest spots to complete your dream vacation. In here we have listed the top 5 things to do and see in Wellington New Zealand and make the most out of your trip. Take a tour at the national museum of New Zealand, Te Papa The national museum of New Zealand, Te Papa is situated in Wellington and happens to be one of the most innovative and interactive museums which comes with the natural environment. The museum serves as a fun and...

Top 10 Tourist Places In Kerala To Visit During Summer

Rahul ·
Kerala is an exhilarating destination in India known as gods own country . It is a place of the rich heritage that exudes variety and is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth. No matter the time or season, Kerala is always a perfect fit for vacation. While the whole of India receives blazing heat during the summers Kerala has a mild temperature due to the influence of the Western Ghats and the beaches. Some of the exotic locations of Kerala to visit during summer are given...