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Re: Top 4 Rafting Destinations in Europe

PHeymont ·
Thanks for this! I usually think only of North America when rafting is mentioned, but obviously that's been a mistake...

Re: Top 5 Beaches in India for Honeymoon Couples

NnamAries ·
I was at Goa with a few friends two years ago, it does have that romantic vibe about it.

Re: What is your Favorite Travel Destination in America?

DrFumblefinger ·
I am particularly fond of the west. This includes the Rocky Mountains which extends over many states and into Canada. Alaska is also a very special place to visit.

Top 5 island destinations to revisit in 2017

Rebecca Brown ·
Dreaming of distant oceans, white, sandy beaches, a Mojito in your hand, while a gentle breeze is just ruffling the waters lounging a few feet from your feet? Waking with the sounds of exotic beats trumpeting the air while you lie in a hammock, munch on a coconut and daydream the day away? Might be it’s high time to take a vacation. If you equate vacation with island , paradise and offline , stick with us. We know there are about seven hundred and forty one thousand articles on the best...

Know Everything About Goa Travel Information

Abhishek Mathur ·
Why Goa? India is one of the countries which have always fascinated different countries. Some invade it while some ruled it. Some brought blunders to this heritage country while some others made such wonders which made their names immortal with their works. The state of Goa is part of India and is situated at the west coast of the country. The state is rich with the Portuguese’s culture, heritage and history. Goa and the Tourism Goa is listed among the best tourist destinations in India.

Have you been to Coron?

Selena Campbell ·
Have you been to Coron, Palawan in the Philippines? Where you can definitely enjoy a scenic view of different islands and enjoy hopping into different kinds of paradise? Well, I do hope this pandemic comes to an end so that I can start traveling to different parts of the world, most especially the tranquil Philippines' destination - soon. Share your experience in Coron. I would love to read how you have enjoyed the small and simple island.

5 Most Visited Indian Destinations by Foreigners

Trainman ·
India, the name itself, translates power into one’s system. With its incredible mix of cultures, the country has been attracting a huge number of travellers and tourists from around the world. From the massive stretches of golden sand, the snow-clad mountains to the serene water bodies and the lively streets, India is a land of wonders. Every year, foreigners come to get mesmerized by its picturesque natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. And, there are several places in India that just...

Top 4 Rafting Destinations in Europe

ArronHidd ·
The most popular summer vacation destination is definitely the seaside. However, not all people like lying in the sun and just getting tanned. For those who love adrenaline-rush sports and adventures, rafting presents a perfect vacation. Apart from the mesmerizing cities and their architecture, natural beauty of Europe can offer some of the best rafting adventures you can find in the world. Coruh River, Turkey Coruh River flows through stunning canyons and narrow valleys filled with...

5 Top Destinations for Rainy Season in India

Bob Hanery ·
If there is any season that brings in romance and happiness in the air, then rainy season is one of them. If you love to holiday in this season, then India is a place to be. Lot of people from abroad, travel to India between June and August every year. This is because India is known and famous for the rainy season. Imagine, mountains in the view, your cottage well located with hot coffee in hand and rain outside – isn’t it a worthwhile view to watch? If you do not mind getting a little wet...

How to promote a tourist destination?

Jacob William ·
A few years ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the International Tourism Forum that is organized in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) to talk about the importance of tourism marketing, how to implement it in our country and especially highlight how to promote a tourist destination. Many times we forget the importance of marketing (not advertising) and how this discipline, applied to tourism, can really bring many benefits. Why do people go sightseeing? Basically people do tourism for...

Top 5 Beaches in India for Honeymoon Couples

Priya Sharma ·
Honeymooners are a major market in the travel industry and there are some tourist destinations that are more popular as romantic getaways than others. Honeymooners particularly like romantic beaches for their vacation after marriage. Lovely strolls on the beach, watersports and enjoying the beachside restaurants and promenades are a great way to spend a honeymoon. In India, there is a long and beautiful coastline stretching from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal. There are beautiful...

What is your Favorite Travel Destination in America?

Pankaj Sharma ·
Hi Friends, I want to know best travel destinations in North America. Share your travel experience and destination name here.

Top 5 Family Holiday Destinations in India

Ruby Daub ·
Choosing the best destination for a family vacation in India, as with other topics, is not an easy task, thanks to the diversity and multitude of options available to the most demanding travelers. There are beaches, wonderful examples of architecture, adventure, culture and fun experiences for a full sense of family in India. Best holiday destinations for families Plan your trip, considering the weather and other conditions. We make sure you have a great time! See this if you travel in...

Reasons why you should visit Ethiopia

David Mason ·
Reasons why you should visit Ethiopia Ethiopia is a culturally and environmentally rich country that is considered one of the world’s biggest tourist draw. It has beautiful natural attractions, great people and exciting traditions that will help you learn more about the country, Africa and the world. It has been voted as the best destination around the world by the European Council on Tourism and trade twice because of its unique blend of a natural and human environment. Ethiopia is home to...

The Best Destination Wedding Venues in Thailand

Ayan Asad ·
Of the millions of people who visit Thailand every year, many leave its shores head over heels in love with the country; the jaw-dropping nature, the relaxed pace of life and the warm, friendly people leaving a lasting positive impression. Fitting then, that the country is a perfect place to tie the knot with your beloved. With stunning beaches, exciting activities and world-class services, here are the best destination wedding venues in Thailand. Koh Samui Koh Samui is perfect for a wedding...

Re: Top 5 island destinations to revisit in 2017

George G. ·
Loved St Agustin in Gran Canaria. Stayed right on the water at the Don Gregory. Very little to no wet weather and lots of sunshine. Lots to explore on the island and wonderful cuisine. One other island I'd like to add to the list is Martinique because of the lush tropical parks, wildlife, excellent cuisine, and the volcano Mont Pelee.