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Re: Sweden claims 'best pizza' title. Yes, Sweden!

Travel Rob ·
It looks Delicious!
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Sweden claims 'best pizza' title. Yes, Sweden!

PHeymont ·
Nothing like a culinary controversy to grab some weekend attention. And after a week in which Italy seized the "world's longest pizza" title from Spain and France and Italy nearly came to blows over Nutella, a bizarre pizza seems like just the thing....

10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Udaipur

Abhishekk Mathur ·
Rajasthan is the royal state of India and its part, Udaipur is one of the most magnificent and glorious cities that is boasted with the some really amazing and beautiful tourist attractions of Rajasthan which is quite famous among the travellers, national and international. People on Udaipur tourism love exploring the mesmerising mélange of culture history and traditions. To make your tourism more exciting we have brought to you the list of best unique tourist attractions of Udaipur which...