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Re: Boston in the fall - suggestions please!

HistoryDigger ·
Glad you're traveling again, Mac. Boston is my home town, and October is THE BEST MONTH. Where are you staying in the city? I'd walk the Freedom Trail if you're feeling up to it. Go down to the waterfront. Boston Common and Charles Street are fun places to hang out. Newbury Street is fancy shopping and also has a few fun bistros and coffee shops. The Science Museum is excellent. Plenty of seafood to be had. New England clam chowder is great if you have sweater-weather. Go whale-watching...

Re: How'd We Live Without Travel Apps?

Sunny ·
I love Yelp as well, and there is a app called Happy Hours. It shows me restaurants with their own happy hours and happy hour menu. I also like hiking trail apps. Those apps tells me hiking trails in the cities I am traveling in (in the US). I recently tried Wishbeen. It is a web application though. It's a travel planning and sharing web. I like it a lot because it helps me browse travel itineraries made by other travelers, and I can easily modify them for my own trip. It also has a map...

5 Spectacular Heritage Sites in Delhi

Anil Verma ·
To make your stay in Delhi sultanate more enticing, we have brought to you the list of 5 best heritage sites in Delhi visiting which will bring you more close to the Delhi and its rich culture. Scroll down the list below – 1. National Rail Museum in New Delhi National Rail Museum in New Delhi The National Rail Museum in Delhi is all about the taking a journey into the past. The museum is a perfect place for spending some quality time with your loved ones. People on their Delhi day tour...

5 Places for a Romantic Journey to the Virgin Gordas

Stephon Smith ·
The Caribbean has always been a place for exceptional romances. The quiet beaches paired with the exciting nightlife is what you need for a lover’s paradise. However, it is the British Virgin Islands that is now on the radar of newlyweds. The idea of a place which is so filled with surprises that you can go ahead and find yourself a nook to be with your loved one is enticing. What makes it all the more interesting is the fact that the Virgin Islands are also home to a lot of untouched bays...

Hiking to Sol Duc Falls in Olympic National Park ·
Olympic National Park is home to several short hikes with magnificent payoffs. The 1.6-mile trek to-and-from Sol Duc Falls is near the top of Olympic NP's long list of great trails. The hike is well-marked, has minimal elevation gain, is rated as "easy," and the payoff at Sol Duc Falls is an epic stunner. It is best used between May and September. If you're traveling to Olympic NP, you should not pass up this hike. For additional information on visiting Olympic NP, visit the trip itinerary...

My Secret Place

adventuretime88 ·
The entrance to this hiking destination is not a secret. There is a turn out on California's coastal HWY 1 about 20 miles from The Tides in Bodega Bay, just before Fort Ross. The secret is, that the trail doesn't have to end. It ends after about 5...

Trekking Guide: Keep Yourself Safe and Geared for Your Trek

zoulex ·
Expectations versus reality! You expect trekking to be a fun and beautiful experience. Reality? Like most activities, you need to have a suitable preparation. Without one – you or your family could get involved in a potentially risky outing. Cheer up! All you need to know is to find the middle ground between having a bulky backpack and unpreparedness. First, you have to determine the following: Will it be an easy walk that will take a few hours? Or will it be a demanding trek that can take...

The Best Livable Nature Cities In The U.S.

Knishida ·
Best U.S. Cities For Nature Lovers By Kirstin Chock Science has proven that the elements of nature improve our mental and physical health. Research studies found that nature has many benefits like improving your mood, improving your breathing, and improving your cardiovascular system. The unfortunate thing is that there are hardly any nature locations that are not in the middle of nowhere or that are not on the outskirts of civilization. However, there are a few places in the U.S. that are...

Why Your Next Trip Should Be in Santa Barbara

apr7777 ·
Located northwest of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara provides just about everything a traveler could desire in California. Whether you want to layout by the beach, golf, engage in a long hike in the Mountains, or just lounge around the Downtown area, there is something for just about everyone. It sits right between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains. Santa Barbara boasts a heavy Spanish influence that can be seen from the stucco buildings and red-tiled roofs. Weather here is nothing...

5 best reasons to go to Scotland now

Himel ·
Are you a bit lost as to where to go in Scotland? Well, don't be! Scotland has beautiful breathtaking landscapes, an interesting history, hangouts point, chill vibe everywhere you decide to go, which means you will never be bored while you are in Scotland. Going to Scotland is the best choice for either a city break or a countryside getaway. This country is bursting with green spaces, lush forests, towering mountains, fascinating wildlife and vast lakes! I am going to tell you the top 5...

New Mexico: It ain't new, and it ain't Mexico!

Inn on the Alameda ·
January 6 th , 2014 is the 102nd anniversary of New Mexican Statehood , which makes this a good time to take a look at the exciting and unique history of our town dating back much further than our statehood. The story of Santa Fe is a multicultural tapestry that dates to the 16th century and defines it as one of the most unique, amazing capital cities in the entire United States. Eighty years after Hernan Cortes conquered the Aztecs and established New Spain, the Conquistador Don Juan de...

World's scariest hiking trail?

DrFumblefinger ·
Take a look at some of the photos in the accompanying link.  There are number of trails in the world I'd not hike, and this one is probably at the top of the list.  And you'll never guess what's at the end of the trail.  More here.

Explore Richness of Krakow

Krakowc Card ·
Krakow is the one of the oldest and travellers’ favorite place in Poland. Built on the cave of the dragon, Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Located in the south of the country, is the capital and seat of the royalty. The architecture of the city reminds the big time of Krakow when amber trail passed through it and the merchants would visit the city to develop it at the same time. Let’s us discuss on what to do in Krakow! Krakow is world famous for polish culture and...

The Best Things To Do In Boston

Olive Smith ·
Boston is one of the oldest city in the United States of America. The city has been part of countless events in history and it is also considered the cultural capital of the surrounding New England. If you are making a trip to the Boston then the city has a lot to offer to cater to your curiosity. You just have to find a good taxi service in Boston MA and you can start having a wonderful experience at each destination. From museums to sightseeing, a tourist has plenty of places to explore in...

See the diverse landscape of Canada with the Canada tourist visa

Daniel Moore ·
Canada is an exemplary nation with such paradisiacal sights available. There are beaches and snow-capped peaks of the Mount Robson waiting for a glimpse. So, you can have the most exotic of time in this country. So, this visa allows you to see what’s so different about Canada. It’s a nation which is known for its vast area, low population and lush green surroundings. So, you get to see all the beautiful landmarks of Canada like the Whistler and the Niagara Falls with the Canada tourist visa...

What To See In Jodhpur And Its Surroundings?

Alina Jack ·
The arrival to Jodhpur during a trip to Rajasthan is always spectacular. The Mehrangarh fort is very majestic and imposing, seems to watch over the city since always. At the base of this architectural masterpiece comes the old city repainted in an intense blue color, that of the Brahman caste. The heart of the old town is a chaotic labyrinth of medieval streets where it is good to get lost. Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan, will dazzle you. Read here about what to see in...

Re: Should a budget traveler "splurge" sometimes?

PHeymont ·
Just as some people plan scaling a peak, or skiing a famous trail or some other peak experience, we always plan a splurge meal or two into our itineraries—especially in cities like Paris and Bologna that are especially famed for food. On the one hand, the price is sometimes out of our comfort zone (please don't ask what we spent on our 35th anniversary!), but on the other, we are fairly frugal travelers otherwise, opting for comfortable apartments over luxury hotels, etc. It almost feels as...