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Re: Westminster Abbey's "attic" to open to public

DrFumblefinger ·
Sounds like one of the greatest attractions in England is just going to get better! Quite exciting news, really!
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Westminster Abbey's "attic" to open to public

PHeymont ·
Westminster Abbey is gaining a new tower—its first in 300 years—and with it an elevator and stairs that will allow the Abbey, for the first time ever, to open the Triforium, an attic-like space overlooking the main aisle, to the public....

Have you been to Coron?

Selena Campbell ·
Have you been to Coron, Palawan in the Philippines? Where you can definitely enjoy a scenic view of different islands and enjoy hopping into different kinds of paradise? Well, I do hope this pandemic comes to an end so that I can start traveling to different parts of the world, most especially the tranquil Philippines' destination - soon. Share your experience in Coron. I would love to read how you have enjoyed the small and simple island.