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Re: More hotels push for direct booking

Travel Rob ·
I still don't know if it's any cheaper booking direct. For instance, on Hyatt site , It's 10% off is off standard rates. I often see higher % discounts on for Hyatt hotels.


Johnpeter ·
A number of reports hint towards a brighter future of the global aviation industry. Carriers are enjoying a golden phase where demand is increasing and the cost of operation is going down. As per experts, these market situations were much needed to bring equilibrium in the market that was slowed down in the previous few years due to various reasons. This is the reason that most of the service providers are adding capacity on popular routes or adding new international flight booking options...
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Sherman Library and Gardens, Newport Beach (part 2)

DrFumblefinger ·
DrFumblefinger concludes his visit to the lovely Sherman Library and Gardens, this week focusing its historic Library with collection of Southwestern books, photos and directories.
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The Grolier Club: Dedicated to Book Lovers

Jonathan L ·
Jonathan L visits a private club dedicated to all things books