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Is a stopover in Iceland worthwhile

A number of you have helped me plan a trip to Portugal and Barcelona.  I've decided to go on this trip next May when I'll have a few more days of vacation.


Checking out different airline websites, I came across Icelandair, which flies from my home airport, Seattle, to Keflavik (Iceland), then on to Barcelona.  The interesting thing is that you can lay over for up to 1 week in Iceland at no extra fee.  And their seat prices are good.


So I'm considering taking almost 3 weeks (which I'll have in my vacation bank by then), flying Seattle to Iceland, taking 3-4 days there, then continuing to Barcelona.  I'll spend a few days in Spain before heading to Portugal (by train?  by plane?  help).  I can visit Portugal for almost 2 weeks before heading back to Barcelona and then back to my home in Seattle.  Unfortunately Icelandair doesn't fly to Lisbon, just Barcelona and Madrid.


I have 3 questions which I hope you can help me with.


1) I like the idea of visiting Iceland.  I've never been there before but have heard it's really beautiful.  If the airfare doesn't cost anything extra, does it make sense for a single traveler to spend a half week here?  Is there enough interesting stuff to see?  How would I get around (I don't want to drive)


2) what's the best way to get from Barcelona to and from Portugal (Lisbon?).  Price is somewhat of an option, but my time matters too.


3) Should I consider starting in Barcelona and ending in Madrid?  This kind of appeals to me.  Would 2 days in each of these cities be enough to give me a feel for the place?


Thanks again for any advice you can give.

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