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Reply to "How loooong does it take to get to your airport?"

Originally Posted by PHeymont


You just have to conclude that all this planning is done by people who have chauffeurs or helicopters to get them to the plane on time...


Or progress is blocked by some politician or lobbyist...  ;-) 


I did just get a chance to read the blog you linked.  While I agree that public transportation is much more available in Europe, and perhaps Asia, however with the few examples he sites, there really are few cities that have that 15-20 minute from "airport to downtown."  One of which, Vienna...having taken that same train from downtown Vienna to the airport, I can tell you that it took longer than 16 minutes.  But, I won't argue as the last I traveled was 5 years ago and things could have changed since then.


I think it also depends on location of airport to "downtown" and the size of said city.  Paris is a good example...CDG is rather far from Central Paris, and if I remember correctly, it can take upwards of 35 minutes to reach the center, if not more.  I suppose that's why Paris wasn't mentioned!  Same with London. 


Wheras, Florence for example has its airport practically in town (exaggeration of course), it was literally a 10 minute taxi ride from airport to my hotel in central Florence.  Maybe longer by bus, I'm sure.  And Dear old Firenze, of course, is much smaller than Paris and London. 


I do get the overall point of the article, don't get me wrong.  But yes, as mentioned previously, there are so many variables that lead to that 15-20 minutes that makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly where the grass is greener...

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