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Reply to "Finishing college. Need help planning trip to U.K,"

England is only as big as Florida ! I haven't seen a Guide book that sub-divides us!

Wales is full of Castles, Mountains and Lakes.

Tourists often divide England between the North and South.

The North is often cooler and wetter than further South.

But your Dollar will go twice as far up here in the North!

And we're much friendlier.

Have a look at places you'd like to visit.

York (the old one) will keep you busy for 2 days.

Train or Bus from Liverpool.

Or a day or two in Europe from Liverpool Airport to anywhere Ryanair or Easyjet fly to.

Have a look at their routes from Liverpool.

Chester and North Wales are local trains -or bus - for a day.

There are many Hotels in Liverpool. Basic is still good quality. Bed , Shave and a Shower is all I need. They're all recent additions. Plenty of places to eat on a budget in the City Centre. We don't use the term "Downtown"

Prices for a night are from $40. Café Meals about $5 - 10. McDonalds and BK and Pizza places too. Or dine in the oldest Chinatown in Europe.

So decide what you want to see. Mountains. Train Museum. Art Gallery. Free stuff.

Architecture (Liverpool Cathedral) Old England. York Victorian Museum. Day trip to Amsterdam or Poland or Spain or North Africa !

You decide what you want to see !