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Reply to "Finishing college. Need help planning trip to U.K,"

Getting around the UK is very easy using Public Transport.

Students travel around the country all the time - going to Uni and back home for the weekend.

Friends going to weddings and folks going to London.

London - like big Cities in the US - is a Traffic Nightmare !

Fortunately the UK is about the same size as a US State. Maybe Florida ?

So its only a few hours by road. Trains are much faster - but more expensive,

You're choice. So... look at 

They're really nice coaches / bus links that criss cross the UK. Reliable. Affordable.

And if you're under 26 you can get a Young Persons Travel Card (Students do) for £10 and that gets you another 33% off costs. Plus you get to see our Country out the Window !

And Megabus will get you around too - maybe into Europe if you want.