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Reply to "Finishing college. Need help planning trip to U.K,"

Staying in the UK is no more expensive than being a tourist in the USA.

You wont get a month in London. Same as me travelling from the UK to New York.

Silly Prices !

So decide on what you want to do over here and start planning,

Have a look at the YHA web site. Youth Hostels Association.

Forget the Youth reference. My Kids aren't Youths anymore. And I use them too!

They are used by Travellers like yourself - and me - across Europe.

They are Family groups and Ramblers ( Countryside Walkers)

Plus you get to meet folks just like yourself !

And a chance to share and join in.

No Bums, just decent folks. Believe me.

You can get YHA in London in advance - but at twice the cost !

Most YHA have a few rules - like no booze.

And they feed you too !

You may have to help out in the Kitchen in some places.

Travel with a Backpack.

So plan your Cities and get started !

Sure you'll come back if you need more info - we'll look forward to it Hank !