Not a phantom menace: Camera drone nearly hits ski champ

An Austrian champion ski racer was nearly killed Tuesday when an out-of-control camera drone fell to earth bare inches from him. A photographer caught the dramatic near-collision. The skier, Marcel Hirschner, finished second despite the accident; he is currently ranked fist in standings at the World Championships, now being held at Madonna di Campiglio, Italy. He's been champion 4 times in a row. According to Ski Federation director Markus Waldner, who has now banned drones from all meets...

Bah! Humbug! DJ hijacks station to play Last Christmas 24 times in a row

It's nearly Christmas time, and for many of us that means a non-stop barrage of holiday music, but Joe Kohlhofer, a DJ at Austria's Antenne Carinthia station took it to the extreme by playing the same song 24 times in a row. The station was buried in complaints after the young DJ announced that he felt people were not in the proper Christmas spirit and that he would therefore play Wham's 'Last Christmas' for his entire two-hour show. Station officials were unable to stop him, because he had...

Lost in Space: Tourists stranded at top of Vienna wheel

Two tourists from Poland got an extra thrill on the Wiener Riesenrad, the giant Ferris wheel at Vienna's Prater amusement park: an attendant turned off the ride and went home, leaving them in the dark at the top of the 212-foot ride. The couple, last to board the ride near the end of the day, were still circling when the operator handed over controls to a colleague tasked with shutting down for the night. The new operator apparently did not know there were still passengers on board. At...

Can't have it, or eat it! 1897 tart on display in Tyrol castle

A cake from which one slice was cut for Austria's Empress Elisabeth must be one of the most unusual museum items anywhere. It's gone on display this week at a Tyrolean castle she once used as a holiday residence. The Empress, known as Sissi, stopped at an inn near Merano, on the way to Schloss Trauttmansdorff, and was served the treat by the innkeeper. Sissi was known for her obsession with her slim figure, ate only a tiny sliver, and the rest was placed in a glass container and passed...