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Your Favourite Travel Camera (or 2)

Travelling with a Camera now is almost compulsory.

Taking Photo's has become cheaper and we're not restricted to special events. 

But some folks like to have a different Camera for each occasion.


My choices are:

I'm off to the beach. Sand , salt water and high temperatures.

I find the Fuji XP Cameras are everything proof for the beach.

Drop in the sand OK. Drop in the Sea OK.

Good for family photo's - Video underwater with the Fish.

Not amazing quality but excellent for "Fun Days"


Next Camera is for the shirt pocket and a day out.

The Casio EX-H15 takes excellent quality pix.

Mixes the sunlit and shaded areas well for brilliant photo's.

Something I've always found to be a problem with digital.

It has a large 3inch screen - so I don't need my reading glasses.

And the battery is good for 1,000 shots !!

So you can get really "Snap Happy"


My last choice is when I want to take quality photo's of Architecture and scenery. Sports and Zoom into far away events.

The (Panasonic) Lumix FZ48.

I read all the reviews on line and no one could find fault with it.

And neither can I. Perfect results again and again.

3 inch Screen or through the Viewfinder.

Leica lens is a permanent fixture.

Manual or Auto. Very good quality HD Video.

Just a bit too bulky for the shirt pocket !


Fuji XP



Casio EX-H15



(Panasonic) Lumix FZ48           Tell us your choices - and why!CaptureLumix6


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Those are all good pieces of advice, GarryRF!


I too have the Fuji XP for wet days, beach, rafting, canoeing, etc.  Nice not to have to worry if it will get wet.


Usually I travel with two cameras, one a digital Canon pocket camera (fits into my shirt pocket).  Handy to have at hand and shoots nice HD video, too.  And when I want to take serious photos, I use a bulkier Canon Digital Rebel.  It is a DSLR.  Reason I like it is because of the large lens size (over 70 mm diameter).  It lets you pick up some fine detail.  My preferred lens is the Tamron 28-270 telephoto zoom, which fits all needs.

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I see I'm in good company--I'm joining the two-camera brigade for the first time in years (years ago I traveled with two SLRs, one with color film and the other B/W, and then for a while with a film and a digital).


I've been working for the last dozen years with a single compact (been through a Fuji, a Canon, Panasonic Lumix and recently a Nikon S9400). All have been good, and on an escalating curve of features. All the left-behinds are still in use elsewhere in the family.


I actually posted in the Forums last month looking for (and got) advice on adding a larger camera, looking for a little more control and especially for a viewfinder. The last resulted from trouble using the LCD in bright Arizona sunlight. With help from there and some more research, I've ended up with a Sony HX300. It's a "SLR-like" bridge camera with 50x optical zoom (equivalent of 24-1200 in 35mm terms) plus an LCD that swivels to avoid sunlight (and toggles with an electronic viewfinder). Dropped in an Eye.Fi card, and I have my other desire, wireless transfer.


I haven't had a chance to take it "on the road" yet, but I'll be testing it this weekend and taking it along next month to'll see some results here on Gumbo!

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