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Yes, Winter's coming: France gets first snow

Massif de Sancy in this week's snow.                          Photo: Sancy Tourism Bureau

After a summer of scorching temperatures all over Europe, central France has gotten its first snow of winter, possibly heralding a long, cold winter.


The central region, including the wine region of Burgundy, got a dusting of up to 2 cm of snow, with cold temperatures everywhere, including a drop to -7C (20F) in Dijon. According to France 3 is the lowest since 1975. In fact, 1975 is also the last year it got this cold this early.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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Hurricane Joaquin crossed the Atlantic and got split in two by the jet stream.

France got trapped in the middle of the two.

Allowing cold air from Siberia to blow across northern Europe.

So the Geese have arrived here on the wind too. 3 Weeks too early.

Its what the remnants of Hurricanes do.

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