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Yaak Falls, Montana


Located within Kootenai National Forest in remote northwestern Montana, the Yaak River roars as it traverses Yaak Falls, full of snowmelt when we visited it a few days ago.

01 Yaak Falls

02 Yaak Falls

The river originates in British Columbia and flows into the might Kootenai River a few miles downriver from where we saw this waterfall.  Yaak Falls is easy to access, this view taken from a roadside turnout.

03 Yaak Falls

04 Yaak Falls

I think the video clip below gives you a feel for what it's like to see Yaak Falls first-hand.


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  • 00 Yaak Falls
  • 01 Yaak Falls
  • 02 Yaak Falls
  • 03 Yaak Falls
  • 04 Yaak Falls

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