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Will passengers be weighed like baggage?


A British company has recently proposed weighing passengers as a 'green' move as well as a money-saver, using the information to decide how much fuel is needed for the flight.

But wait! Before you panic or start thinking about dieting before you fly, no one is planning to make passengers step on a scale and write down their weight. The suggestion is that pressure pads, perhaps at baggage check, or integrated into the security check station, would collect weight data as passengers moved through, identified only by their flight numbers.

Experts believe that loading a plane with only the fuel needed to make the flight would save huge amounts of fuel and reduce carbon emissions from flying. At present, airlines have a good idea of how much the cargo weights, but is forced to use estimates for passengers, generous ones. Currently, the assumption is an average weight of about 200 pounds for males, 155 for women and near 80 for children.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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Definitely part of the dehumanizing of travel.  We're going to be weighed like luggage, and not treated as individual beings.

Personally I like the idea of my plane having a little extra fuel and not just the exact amount needed.  What if there is a stronger than anticipated headwind?  What if landing is delayed because of traffic congestion at the destination?  Would we then land on a field or road to save a few bucks?

It seems this might just be an academic exercise anyway.  I read in the "Green New Deal" that air travel will not exist in 12 years.  Better get those trips overseas done while you can!

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Not sure what "green new deal" you're reading about...the ones put forward by those who want it or the porkies told by opponents, but I don't see an end to air travel there.

On the other hand, an accurate weight for the plane would allow real calculations for the situations you list, rather than just hoping there's enough. Works both ways!

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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