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Wildlife Foundation joins in special safaris


The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), primary advocate for protecting wildlife and wildlands as an essential part of a modern and prosperous Africa, has partnered with Exodus Travels for a series  of safaris with special access to AWF projects and researchers.

Designed to help bridge science and public policy as well as demonstrate conservation benefits, the luxury adventures will include the chance to go 'behind the scenes' and learn from wildlife experts about gorilla conservation in Uganda, conserving elephants and their habitat in Zimbabwe, and protecting a fragile population of wolves in the historic highlands of Ethiopia.

news0402yFor 60 years, AWF has been helping local communities recognize the benefits of conserving wildlife rather than viewing it as a threat to their livelihoods. The organization is known globally for its work to ensure conservation strategies work for wildlife and people.

Currently, Exodus Travels is scheduling AWF safaris for 2021 and 2022. Exodus will donate a portion of each sale back to AWF for one of its local projects.

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