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WiFi on the way for international flights

GoGo Internet, the company that supplies the inflight WiFi on most U.S. domestic flights has gotten the OK to begin installin on Boeing 747-400s for international service, and will soon extend to other models as well. Details

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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Last time I went from Mexico to Philadelphia they had no Coffee.

So we received free WiFi for the flight.

Was great fun saying Hello to friends. They would all ask where are you ?

"I'll look out the window - somewhere above the clouds in the Gulf of Mexico!"

Beat that !!

And Facetime on the IPad was a hoot!

I've been told that wi-fi over the ocean is a real technological challenge, because it requires constant re-positioning of 2 moving targets (the plane and satellite).  In contrast, Wi-Fi over a continent only involves connecting one moving target with a stationary one, a simpler thing to do.


Glad to hear this problem seems to be mostly solved.  It would be nice to catch up on some wi-fi chores while on a long flight (although I usually manage to fill such flights watching movies or working on editing my photos from that trip).

Geosynchronous orbit is only close enough to planes flying in that area (ie. around the equator).  A plane flying the polar route from North America to Europe won't be able to connect with a geosynchronous satellite.  They will be connecting with a series of lower altitude satellites, not unlike global satellite phone system.  These satellites are moving quickly, as is the plane.  

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