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Whoa! Not so fast on that shrinking baggage size!

The luggage line-up...which ones will fit?


The public roared, and the lion has retreated, at least for now. When the International Air Transport Association, an organization of over 250 airlines, announced a plan last week for a uniform—and shrunken—size for carry-ons, the public response was nearly unanimously "No!"


Consumer advocates slammed the plan, called "Cabin OK," as a plan to force people to pay to check their now-sized bags or buy new luggage. Passengers complained they'd have to give up more than 20% of their packing space. And only a few airlines signed on to the idea, including exactly none of the major North American ones.


After a day or two, IATA spokespeople started speaking of "an ideal size, not a maximum," or a "suggestion." By yesterday, IATA was in full retreat, posting a statement on its website that says that IATA " pausing the rollout of its Cabin OK initiative and beginning a comprehensive reassessment in light of concerns expressed, primarily in North America. This will include further engagement with program participants, the IATA membership and key stakeholders."


Folks: This time, it appears, YOU were the "key stakeholders." Don't put down that stake until the vampire's dead!

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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