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Google, which keeps track of all-too-much of our daily lives, also keeps track of where we head when we travel. This week, it released a set of statistics on Britain's travel habits over the course of 2018, and declared that the most important factor may be football!

Based on flight searches during the year so far, the top ranked searches were for Moscow and Kiev. Moscow was the scene of England's defeat in this year's World Cup semi-finals, and Kiev's score was driven by Liverpool fans anxious to follow their team in the May Champions League Final.

The rest of the list looks more like what you'd expect, with sunny Canaries destinations following next. Here's the top ten, based on searches for "flights."

  1. Moscow
  2. Kiev
  3. Tenerife
  4. Seville
  5. Gran Canaria
  6. Geneva
  7. Dalaman
  8. Sri Lanka
  9. Larnaca
  10. Pakistan

Looked at another way, by searches for "city break," the list comes out more as most people might expect, since by nature, the category isn't affected by football or other special events. Here's that list of the "usual suspects"

The top-trending flight searches for 2018

  1. Paris
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Barcelona
  4. Dublin
  5. Prague
  6. London
  7. Venice
  8. Krakow
  9. Italy
  10. Berlin

Photo: Churches of Moscow, @TravelMarilyn on TravelGumbo

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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Due to an editing error in the original of the article above, the first table of destinations was repeated, and the second table omitted. It has been corrected above.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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