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Where in the World is TravelGumbo? (#71)


Many of Gumbo's mystery haunts have been places of beauty, sublime or otherwise; some have had the stamp of antiquity upon them, and some of nature. All by way of telling you that this one is different. Gritty, lived-in, beaten-about...and yet to some not only a thing of beauty but a treasure of history. But enough! Gumbo knows where he you?


Join your fellow Gumbo Guessers in picking out the telling detail, the deceptive decoy, whatever...perhaps you will come up with the answer...perhaps not!


And if you are one of those few who will know it at a glance, SHHHH! Give others a chance to seem incredibly perceptive, or to flail about! No reveal before Thursday; any e-mail guesses will be published Wednesday evening, right or wrong...




  1. Share your suggestions, hints and discussions with others by posting them here as comments...
  2. If you absolutely know where it is....please give others a couple of days to work on it before you pounce. If the answer is burning your fingers, e-mail it to and we'll publish it Friday night...right or wrong!
  3. To post here, you need to be  a member...but that's free and easy.  Just click HERE

So, exactly where is Gumbo today?  Please be as specific as possible.



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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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Paul we've had a lot of great WITW is TravelGumbo's already  and this is my favorite to date for a lot of reasons. Amazed at peoples clues! Although I think I know the answer ,I could easily be surprised.  Although I agree with the above  clues  and think it's in France the graffiti sure looks like California doesn't it?





If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

There are a lot of similarities between this station and Atlanta's Brookwood Amtrak Station at 1688 Peachtree St NW, as viewed from the south, including tracks too close together, narrow platforms, long steep stairs, iron fence, the pitch of the roof (which at one time was red spanish clay tile), the brackets supporting the roof, the windows overlooking the track, the weeds, the general condition, the congested neighborhood, and of course the lack of parking.

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