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Where in the World is Gumbo? #8

1-aP1020388Here's this week's TravelGumbo photo puzzle: Can you tell us where it is? And no, it does NOT belong to a Mary Kay Cosmetic salesperson.


The answer will appear on Tuesday, Jan. 7...and if everyone is stuck, there may be hints before then. So jump in and post your guess as a comment to this blog. No prize, but a blaze of glory for the winner.


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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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The port is a little hard to place. There is a partially obscured sign on the building in the background that may say "SHOPPING". Could English be the local language? Due to the size and type of boats visible I believe that it is connected to the ocean. There seems to be relatively little elevation difference between the boat dock and the land behind it. Probably a protected bay or inlet. No guess yet.

WorkerBee -- just wondering.  Are you a detective in your everyday job?    Those are all good observations.  I think it is port on the sea in a modern city.  What surprises me is how close the buildings are to the harbor.

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"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

With no obvious clues to pursue, I simply googled "pink boat".  I didn't find this one but there was a pink fishing boat in Bergen.  Also harbor-side brick buildings although none that I could identify as this one precisely.  However, that's my guess, Bergen, Norway.

It might be "Shopping," or it might be "Shipping," or "Shilling" or just someone's name.


It might be a 6-letter port city beginning with B...but it isn't.


English? Nearly any port in the world--because it IS a port.


Is it connected to the ocean? Only in the sense that ultimately all navigable water is.


Ooohhh! I feel like Rumpelstiltskin!

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

Well, I thought I had one that would stump the experts...but apparently there's no doing that!


The boat is, in fact, at anchor off Akerbrygge, near the Radhus in Oslo, Norway.


My comments about Rumpelstiltskin to the contrary, it's obvious the Gumbo gang know how to weave straw into gold, and tiny glints into answers. Honors this time go to GarryRF with his specific ID, to WorkerBee for a partial (Oslo) and to Port Moresby for the other partial (Norway).


The answer, with more pictures, will be up in the morning, along with my last try for this week at making it to the Tuesday schedule for revelation.



The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

In your photo of the pink boat is a clue. I'm surprised WorkerBee never mentioned it with his detective work. On the Pier is a HH sign. Its the company logo for Helly Hansen who make waterproof clothing for sailors. Their HQ is in Oslo, Norway.

Good fun - wasn't it !



I did notice the Helly Hansen logo. Also the pink boat is owned by Moods of Norway, a seller of "cool clothing for cool people". Both companies have their HQ in Oslo. These two facts enabled me to identify Oslo as the port city. I was never able to locate the dock. Congrats to you for finalizing the location!


Goes to show!

I didn't think the Helle Hansen logo was a giveaway (since I've bought their stuff in Lake Placid, NY!) but apparently the pink boat is more famous than I thought...I assumed (and you know what that does!) that it was a whimsical local owner...


Again, congrats to the gang!

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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