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Where in the World is Gumbo? #4.5, 12/6/13

witw 4.5

The e-glory for recognizing WITW 4.0 belongs to Mac (heart round of applause!) for identifying the Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor, California.  Full write up on WITW 4.0 will be published as usual on Tuesday.  But there's a second chance for everyone this week.  Do you know where Gumbo is visiting in the above photo?


Log on to Gumbo and leave your answer in a comment to this blog (if you're not a member yet, click HERE to join--it's free and fun!)


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"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

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Well, I kinda thought it looked Florida, too. I don't see any mountains in there, just sorta low hills, I guess. If they got any real mountains in Florida, Disney built em. But the clothes don't look wrong, unless you think it's summer. And they're not don't know how to dress for the weather. So I think FlashFlyer might be right.



Originally Posted by Red Rover:

The people are overdressed for Florida, which makes them look like happy snowbirds.  This pier is a historic pier, somewhere.  Those look to be wooden piers, which would have been gone long ago in Florida, don't you think ?  The pic is taken from a T-head, unless Dr. Fumblefinger  hitched a ride on the back of a seagull.  Not Florida.  Maybe southern California ?



He coulda been on a boat, too.

You must be a boat person--your picture, anyway, so you gotta be right about Florida. So where do you think? I'm in Atlanta, so I don't know too much about beaches, but when we go to the Carolinas, there's more waves than that.


Are you guessing somewhere, or just shootin' at the lifeboats?

If anyone's really interested in finding this pier it's the details that count.  Despite having the suggestion blown off earlier I still see mountains in the center distance, leading me to believe it's in Southern California.  The railing is distinctive, 2 boards together at the top then just 1 more below.  A few lights, all on one side.  Then the cross bracing below and an "L" or "T" at the end for the angle of the shot.  The closest I've seen so far are Ventura and Newport Beach but neither were a perfect match in the pictures I've seen.  Of the 2 I'd lean toward Ventura because of the landscape.  But I'm still looking.

Well, I'm kind of lost, because it's not any area I'm familiar with. I'm puzzled by the mountain business a bit, because they look low--I guess that's what Mrs. Briggs meant. You've picked out a lot of detail, but nothing as distinctive as the Paris bridge railing last week. Hmmm...are we wrong in being sure it's in U.S.? Dr. F--can you give us that much?

If you look closely at pictures of wooden piers, PH, you'll see that this railing is very distinctive too, rules out almost every one I've seen.  Look beyond the close hills on the right, in the center, mountains meeting the clouds.  I'm pretty sure I'm not imagining them.

Sharp eyes! If you hadn't pointed that out, I would have gone on thinking those faint shadows were part of the clouds.


Definitely a wooden pier; so much for all the concrete ones I'm finding. Not very wide either. I searched "wooden bridge railings" and you're right--there are almost none with that pattern. 


Any hints, Dr. F?

If we can judge by the pictures, I've been tricked before, I don't think it's either of those.  The Port Hueneme lights & bracing aren't the same and the railing is wrong on the Cayucos Pier.  That's IF the pictures are labelled right and assuming nothing has changed.  2 big if's.

The towns of Oxnard and Ventura are next to each other.  Using Streetview seems to eliminate Ventura Pier, not as many buildings as in DrF's photo.  I'm not finding anything called Oxnard Pier so I think maybe the pier closest to Oxnard is Port Hueneme Fishing Pier which has almost no buildings, park and parking lot, it would appear.

Well, we've got some really lively discussion going on here.  


The cookie has been nibbled all the way around, but no definitive clear answer yet.


Remember, it can't be a differential diagnosis.  We need one straightforward answer.


I can tell you that it is in the USA and that it is in California.  That's all for now.

Twitter: @DrFumblefinger

"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

WorkerBee -  Indeed, it does look like that.  Similar to pic below, if you ignore those buildings.  Does Newport Beach have a mountain ?  There must be a lot of contractors going up and down the coast of California, building and re-building similar piers.




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"Questions remain.  What happened to the red roofed building with the arches ?  What is Mr. Baseball Cap saying to Sweet Mildred of the Bench ?   What sort of fishing pier has only one lousy gull ?"

Look at the left side of your pic. Isn't that the edge of the red roofed building to the left of the last palm?

Mr. Baseball cap: "Why is it taking them so long to find us?"

The other gulls are camera shy.

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