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Where Gumbo Was, #6: The Japanese Covered Bridge, Hoi An, Vietnam


Historic Japanese Covered Bridge, Hoi An.

Congratulations to new member Club2013 for solving #6! 

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This historic bridge is a fantastic structure and just one feature of the beautifully preserved central coastal town of Hoi An.  The town is famous for its lively town center, an UNESCO World Heritage Site and a favorite with visitors from all over the world.  It marks the western end of the business district and crossing over it is a transition to a quieter neighborhood and symbolic of its original purpose.  It was built by the Japanese community early in the 17th century as a literal and figurative bridge to the Chinese quarter, divided from the town by a small stream.



Rickshaw drivers having a break.



It’s been known by various names over the centuries, Japanese Bridge, Covered Bridge, Pagoda in Japan, Bridge for Travelers from Afar.  The roadway was flattened by the French for use by vehicles during their tenure, then raised again to it’s original graceful arc when the structure was completely restored in 1986.  It’s the only known covered bridge that incorporates a Buddhist pagoda.


Hoi An served as a setting in the latest film version of one of my favorite novels, Graham Greene's 'The Quiet American', starring Michael Caine.  



Cafes with a French flavor in restored buildings, Hoi An.


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  • Historic Japanese Covered Bridge, Hoi An.
  • Rickshaw drivers having a break.
  • Cafes with a French flavor in restored buildings, Hoi An.

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JohnT, over the years Asia has become more & more a favorite part of the planet for me to wander and hang out.  I think the reason may be, in part, because it's much more in a state of flux than, say, Europe and as a result has more to offer someone who likes a bit of edge to their travels.  I fear Europe has become somewhat more of the same wherever I go these days while Asia offers more of what I seem to need.  Not to say there aren't parts of Europe to which I still enjoy returning.  But my attention has definitely shifted.

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