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Where Gumbo Was: #5

Footbridge in Rachel Carson refuge

Although a number of contestants came close, only JohnT correctly named the locale for WITW #5. Congrats to John!


Gumbo's walk in the woods was "Down East," at the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, whose headquarters are in Wells, Maine, but whose reach extends down nearly 50 miles of the Maine Coast.


Named in honor of the marine biologist who first alerted most of the world to the potential of a "silent spring," through the extinction of species threatened by excessive pesticides and more, it's one of our favorite stops in Maine.


Enjoy the pictures in the slideshow below, and for more, see our TG Pic of the Week from two days ago HERE


DON'T FORGET: New Puzzle Tomorrow!



Images (3)
  • Footbridge in Rachel Carson refuge
  • Rachel Carson view
  • Tidal marsh, RCNWR

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