Where Gumbo Was #15. Seattle's Space Needle, enjoying the view of Puget Sound

WITW 001 View from the Space Needle, Sunset over Peuget Sound


Seems Gumbo timed a visit to Seattle perfectly.  When Gumbo took the elevator up to the observation deck of the iconic Space Needle there was a thunderstorm passing through.  But after a cup of coffee (Seattle is well known for its fine java), the storm broke just in time for Gumbo to enjoy this sunset.  There's a Washington State ferry cruising across Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island.  The photo didn't take puzzle ace WorkerBee too long to figure out.  Enjoy that time in Spain, WorkerBee and bring back lots of photos and info to share!


WITW 002 View from the Space Needle, Sunset over Peuget Sound


(Sunset over Puget Sound)


From the Space Needle, if Gumbo looked Northwest, he could see part of the harbor...

WITW 003 View from the Space Needle northwest



If Gumbo looked due north from the Space Needle, there was this residential neighborhood.....

WITW 004 View from the Space Needle north



And to the northeast was Lake Union and the I-5 Freeway...

WITW 005 View from the Space Needle northeast, Lake Union



But most beautiful of all was the great view of downtown to the south of the Space Needle.  The soft light of the setting sun made this a view to remember.....

WITW 006 View from the Space Needle south. Downtown Seattle



There's a prior detailed blog of Seattle on this website which you can access by clicking this link.  For a nice photo tour of Seattle's famous Pike's Place Market, click here.  


WITW 007 Space Needle

 (Seattle's Space Needle)


WITW 008 Space Needle

 (Seattle's Space Needle)


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Sure fooled me!


I've been in parks bordered by high-rises where you'd never guess you weren't way out in the woods...but this is astounding!

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations