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When wild boars invade nude beach...


Nude sunbathing is a long tradition in Germany, with many areas set aside for Freikörperkultur (FKK), or free body culture. But wild boars are also a German tradition, and one that's been seen increasingly in the Berlin area.

Last week, at Teufelssee (or Devils' Lake) west of the city the two traditions came together to make a spectacular afternoon spectacle for dozens of lakeside spectators, both clothed and not, when a wild boar, accompanied by a couple of piglets, grabbed a tote bag belonging to a nude sunbather and ran with it. Since it contained his laptop, he followed.

Plunging on beyond the FKK area, the man pursued the beast, finally catching up while shutters clicked. The boar dropped the bag after the man shouted at it. The pictures have circulated widely on social media.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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Sitting on the beach in Cancun I was discussing the pro's and con's with a Doctor from New York. He and his Australian Wife supported the American view of keeping the body covered. My Wife and I - European - both share the view that it's OK to reveal in the right time and place. My Doctor friend stated "My wife would NEVER go topless". So I asked his wife what was acceptable in Australia. "As soon as we hit the beach in Oz we' would all strip off" she replied. "You didn't ?" said her Husband. "Oh yes I did" - "Oh no you didn't" - "Oh I certainy did" And that was the start of a long story .....


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