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What To Do When You Visit Sanibel Island

I have been going to Sanibel Island since before I was born, literally. Every time I go back to Sanibel there is always a story or two that's repeating and starts with, “Katy remember when you did this?” Because I have been going there forever this place harbors great memories, and I have a few places you can’t miss when you go.


Here is a list I have put together of my must-stop places when you visit the relaxing Sanibel Island.


Island Pizza Company

1619 Periwinkle Way

My parents always laugh but this has to be my first stop when I get on the island. One night I remember we got there way too late and it was closed. It was a tragedy. These people, by far, make the best pizza. They have been voted “The Best Pizza on the Island” several years in a row. And they also have gluten-free crust!


Cheeburger Cheeburger

1975 Periwinkle Way

This place is a staple on the island. Even though they have moved from their original location the burgers are still the same. Even if you aren’t in the mood for burgers they have delicious chicken sandwiches that you can load with whatever toppings you want. I usually just add caramelized onions – that usually does the trick. And don't forget to pair that with either onion rings or sweet potato fries. Oh and did I mention that they have milkshakes that are out of this world?


Lighthouse CafÉ

362 Periwinkle Way

These people literally make the world’s best breakfast. You can everything from eggs benedict to malted hot cakes. The best part is that they have a board with daily specials and usually there are some pretty delicious breakfast desserts like toffee malted hot cakes, or banana bread French toast.



Schnapper’s Hots

1528 Periwinkle Way

I hadn’t had a hot dog in years, but when I walked into Schnapper’s Hots one rainy afternoon I knew I needed to try their Original Schnapper hot dog. It is chargrilled with mustard, dill relish, their secret sauce (piccalilli relish), chopped sweet onions, and pickle spears. And you have to pair the hot dog with their off-the-chain French fries. So good.


The Green Flash

15183 Captiva Drive

I know technically this restaurant is in Captiva, but it’s only a 15 minute drive on the island. The main reason why I wanted to put The Green Flash on the list is for their shrimp bisque. This is something that you can’t leave the island without trying. This is the kind of soup you burn the tip of your tongue for because it’s so good. They also have crab cakes that are simply delicious.


Periwinkle Place Shops

2075 Periwinkle Way

This is one of the cutest outside shopping malls you will ever encounter. The shops include everything from clothes to jewelry, to even a day spa and restaurant. Everything you need for a days worth of relaxation.


For places to stay when you visit Sanibel Island check out this link!


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