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What's your Instagram color?


According to a new study by three unlikely partners, what gets 'likes' on Instagram is influenced as much by color as by how cute your dog is, how picturesque your village or how embarrassing your aunt's pantsuit.

PaThese colours will get you more Instagram likes, apparentlyntone's Color Institute, Visit Carlsbad and Fohr, a marketing platform paid for the research that says that four colors seem to draw the most likes. The study analyzed the most-liked posts from 75 social influencers with a following of 50,000 or greater. 

The four colors, seen at right, are Rose Dawn (a dusty pink), Ethereal Blue (similar to the shade seen in open skies), Ocean Depths (a teal shade resembling the sea) and Harvest Gold (hinting of autumn shades, sandy beaches and sunsets).


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