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What do you miss on vacation ?

I miss listening to my favourite music. As much as I love Guantanemara or the latest Rap song there's only so much I can take.


I've taken the MP3 player and headphones but people talk to me and get no answer! Makes me anti-social. So I've been looking for something I can listen to like a radio but with my taste in music.


So I bought this little gadget with its own speaker !




It plays my MP3s from a microSD or from a USB — both fit directly into the "n-beat"

4-5 hours from its internal Nokia Type battery. Plenty of spare batteries on Amazon.

Volume goes from quiet to booming out loud! Quality is as good as any radio speaker.

Control buttons beneath the LED display. SD-USB-FM RADIO 20 Memories.


Its had a hard life for over a year and done lots of journeys with me.

But we're still inseparable! Great investment for under £14 — about $20.


So I can now take ZZ Top, Queen and the Eagles away with me!


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