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Way To Earn a Few Bucks for Travel

I have been doing small jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turk. They pay for small tasks or writing. Normally they pay a very small amount, $5-$10 for a couple of hours, but it can be fun and it's extra money. It's a legitimate site that actually pays. I normally keyword 'survey' in my search for jobs  and only search jobs paying 80 cents or more.


If a person gets qualified for top tier writing on Crowdsource through Mechanical Turk, the income  can go up quite a bit.


You can either direct deposit your earning in your checking account or get  money on your Amazon account for purchases on Amazon  


A note when you first open your account: There is a ten-day hold until Amazon puts money in your account. After that, it's in as soon as the requester approves the job or 'hit' as they call it. That normally  is in a few days, but can  vary.


It's definitely not a get rich quick idea but if you're persistent you can earn some money for a trip.

If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

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