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Walkabout, San Cristóbal


In the weeks to come I’ll talk about my activities in San Cristóbal de las Casas and environs, from shopping and eating to a spectacular Day of the Dead experience, with a couple of museums and a church thrown in. But before I do I thought I’d offer some street scenes that caught my eye and hope will give you something of the flavor of the city.

I walk a lot when I travel and take a lot of pictures, some to illustrate a narrative, many having nothing to do with anything other than finding the subject beautiful. Mexico is particularly good for that, beauty everywhere one looks, even in the most humble surroundings and I suspect, along with the food and the people, it’s why I keep going back.

Above, Hotel Casa de Carmelita that may be my home next time I visit.
Below, Zocalo on the right, best ATM in the terra cotta building, center.

The zocalo, the central square, is the heart of towns and cities all over Mexico. San Cristóbal’s Plaza 31 de Marzo is leafy and classic, with people walking and relaxing at all hours, especially on weekends when families gather, children play, people sit on benches to watch the world go by.


These are some signs I passed regularly, the synagogue a block from the second place I stayed, the tattoo parlor on Real de Guadalupe, a pedestrian street with something for everyone, and Catrina on a corner near the English bookstore.


The following are representative street scenes one sees all over town and for a person like myself, for whom seeing is the ultimate pleasure, I’m never bored, just being there is enough.


Take note of the ladies and their distinctive skirts. Similar garb and variations will make appearances in weeks to come when more shall be revealed.




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