VR park puts you in The Hunger Games


Welcome to Dystopia.

A new adults-only virtual-reality amusement park in Hengqin, China—an hour from Hong Kong—allows visitors to act out the deadly Hunger Games, as well as visiting other action-adventure-dystopian-dreams Hollywood productions such as 'Divergent' and 'Now You See Me.'

The 240,000 square-foot attraction is part of a project focusing on tourism and entertainment called Novotown, and opens today. Among its other attractions, it also features 'Twilight.'

In the 'Hunger Games' section, visitors can hang out at the Capital Club or Peeta's Bakery, wear outrageous outfits and play on simulators that let you flee from Capital City on an ATV, evading the "Peacekeepers" if you can. It won't be easy, what with genetically-engineered wasps and other dangers from the book-and-movie original. 

One feature in common with more conventional amusement parks: Shopping. You'll be able to satisfy all your needs at Capital Couture...

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