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Virtual Travel: Now states join in


With less and less physical travel in our near future, travelers and dreamers are relying more and more on 'virtual travel' resources of all kinds, and the travel industry is providing more every day. 

And it's not just the airlines and cruise companies and resort islands: Now U.S. states are starting to join in. For example, Kentucky's Department of Tourism has released an 11-video mini-series to help you plan your next Kentucky vacation to the Bluegrass State. The videos highlight the state’s beautiful nature, fascinating stories and cherished traditions.

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Available videos include:

Kentucky in Focus with Elia Locardi: In this six-part series, renowned travel photographer Elia Locardi guides tours of Kentucky’s most iconic sites in episodes exploring the state’s horse country, outdoors, city life, water, food and bourbon. This series offers the perfect beginner’s guide for planning a trip to the Bluegrass State.

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Sound Travels: Kentucky officially declared 2020 the Year of Music. This series takes viewers behind the scenes to get to know various Kentucky musicians including JD Shelburne, who is featured on the cover of the Kentucky Official Visitor’s Guide 2020.

Untold to the Unforgettable: African American history and leadership has influenced Kentucky culture for generations, from the original jockeys at the Kentucky Derby to international icons like Muhammad Ali. This 14-part series tells the untold and unforgettable stories of some of these historical figures, honoring their legacy for generations to come.

Stoked with Adam Glick: Kentucky’s picturesque outdoors meets cooking adventures in this mini-series hosted by chef Adam Glick. From preparing cocktails and Kentucky BBQ with “Top Chef” alum Sara Bradley at freight house, her restaurant in Paducah, to spelunking in Mammoth Cave National Park and catching a rare sighting of a Moonbow at Cumberland Falls State Park, this miniseries is sure to inspire both outdoor and culinary adventures.

Rooted in Flavor: Chef, restaurateur and avid traveler Graham Elliot takes viewers around the state to explore the culinary traditions of Kentucky. Bustling cities like Louisville and Lexington are recognized for their creative and internationally influenced fares, while episodes in small towns such as Simpsonville and Corbin illuminate time-honored, traditional meals passed down through generations.

Visitor's Guide Cover 2020 Year of Music

Made in Kentucky: Anthony Palmer hosts this mini-series highlighting some of the iconic American goods produced in the Bluegrass State. From the assembly lines of Toyota, KY Cooperage bourbon barrels, Ale-8-One soda bottles and Rebecca Ruth bourbon balls to the creativity behind Flame Run glass blowing studio, these Kentucky products are known around the country and world.

Foal Play: Kentucky and horses are deeply intertwined, and the responsibility of breeding the next generation of award-winning stallions is taken seriously by the hardworking farmers and trainers in the industry. From adorable foals at Crestwood and Wingswept Farms to the exciting barn calls of Dr. Jeremy Shaba and the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, this series shows what it takes to breed, train and sell the next generation of Kentucky’s famous Thoroughbred and American Saddlebred horses.

Behind the Gait: This insider’s guide to Kentucky’s horse farms highlights the hardworking people who make the region’s farms some of the most beautiful and prestigious in the world. While Thoroughbred racing is at the heart of Kentucky’s horse culture, this series also illuminates lesser known traditions such as the competitions at the Commonwealth Polo Club and educational programming at the Kentucky Horse Park.


Distilled: Bourbon is America’s official native spirit, and Kentucky produces the best of the best. The Distilled series takes viewers through the fundamentals of the spirit: water, grain, wood and heritage to tell the story of the bourbon craft.

On the Rocks: At-home mixology is a growing hobby, and this series brings some of the state’s best bartenders to the screen to lead step-by-step instructional videos on classic bourbon cocktails. From the Mint Julep, the official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby, to the Old Fashioned, the nuances of bourbon bartending are revealed.

Kentucky Moments: Deep-rooted traditions are passed through family lines, and this series illuminates some of these stories. From three generations of Jim Beam distilleries to the traditions of Bluegrass music, it’s all about tradition in Kentucky.

The Kentucky Department of Tourism website is a valuable tool dedicated to promoting local businesses, attractions and events to our state’s visitors. Kentucky’s new video mini-series are available on the Kentucky Department of Tourism website.



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