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Feb.6, 2017: Rio Grande Gorge


The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge is a steel deck arch bridge that sits 565 feet above the Rio Grande River. It is located 10 miles Northwest of Taos, New Mexico. The bridge is the seventh highest is the US.


The Gorge runs approximately 50 miles in New Mexico, from the border with Colorado to Southeast of Taos, New Mexico.


You might recognize the view from the movies. The bridge has been seen in Terminator Salvation, Twins, Wild Hogs, and others.  

IMG_20170122_094301New Mexico is a beautiful state and the area of Taos really shows that beauty off.  I'll be back in warmer weather so I can explore more.


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  • Rio Grande Gorge Bridge: Rio Grande Gorge Bridge
  • Rio Grande Gorge: Rio Grande Gorge
  • Taos: Taos

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