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Van Gogh comes to Airbnb: $10 a night


00You can now sleep in Van Gogh's bedroom at $10 a night (the Airbnb ad says he's doing it because he needs to buy paint). Of course, it's not the original, but a reproduction in Chicago that's part of the promotion for a Van Gogh exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Van Gogh produced at least three paintings of the narrow room, and considering his impoverished state through most of his career, it's not unlikely that he might have found Airbnb an attractive source of income. The mock room is above, the painting below, in case you wondered.

The room is part of an apartment in Chicago's River North, and is big enough to sleep two. The reaction has been swift: all of February is booked, and the Art Institute is getting ready to release March dates. No telling whether the renters are art enthusiasts, or attracted by the amazingly low price.

The Art Institute's exhibit 'Van Gogh's Bedrooms' features all three versions of the painting, along with others, and runs through May 10. For more information from the Art Institute, click HERE


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