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United Campaign: Enforce carry-on limits, reduce complaints and crowding

United Airlines has put some muscle into enforcing the rules on what size bags can go in the overheads. The airline says it's responding to complaints by passengers who are frozen out of space by others with oversized bags, or crushed in aisle congestions while they are stowed. More bag sizers outside security, and turning the oversized back to check at the counter, not at the gate, are part of it. More details from the LA TIMES.


United says it's not about bag fees, and it's getting mostly positive responses online. Personal note: United is my gold standard for boarding, simply because instead of calling groups and having everyone crush in on the gate, they've installed lane markers for Group 1, Group 2, etc. and that makes it easier for everyone.



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I hope this effort is a real and continuing one and that other companies follow.  Carrying everything onto the plane, to my way of thinking, is like any trend where if enough people say it's a good idea, even when it's not, hoards fall right into step, like lemmings.  


If I was offered valet service for a nominal fee to have someone carry my suitcase for me and I wouldn't have to touch it from the time I arrived at the airport until the time I was leaving at my destination, I'd jump at the chance.  That's how I think about letting the airline handle my bag.  So, even though it's well within carry-on limits, I check it and I'm glad I can.  My bag hasn't been lost since the 60's, or delayed for decades, those days are almost entirely over.  Maybe the next phase of retraining the flying public will be to board by carry-on size, smallest first.

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