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U.S. taxes on flying among world's highest

How much of your ticket is tax?


Not all the expensive add-ons for your ticket are airline bag fees and fuel surcharges; according to a new report, another big factor is high government charges, among the world's highest. Each ticket starts out with $23 in transportation taxes, segment taxes and 9/11 security fees; $28 for international. And there are more: airport facility fees, etc.


UHY Advisors, an accountancy network, has published a report comparing U.S. fees with other countries, and found that not only was the U.S. high overall, but highest among the G7 economic powers for short-haul flights, and third-highest for long-haul.


UHY Chief Operating Officer Rick David believes that should change because "countries and cities that are expensive to reach lose out on tourism...Taxes can add another 10 or 15% to the cost of flying, so they can pose a meaningful additional burden on budgets." He might be right—but still, record numbers of visitors are coming to the U.S.


For more details, and a comparison chart, click HERE


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