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U.S. asks foreign airports for tighter screening


The U.S. Transporation Security Administration is asking overseas airports to put U.S.-bound travelers through a more stringent security check, matching new rules in effect in the U.S.

The changes include requiring all electronics bigger than a cellphone to be out of bags for scanning, including tablets, e-readers and videogames. At times, passengers may also be asked to remove and show any food or snacks they are carrying.

TSA says the new policies, in effect in the U.S. since last summer, are not a response to new threats, but are intended to remove from bags objects "that can clutter bags and obstruct clear images on the X-ray machine."

If implemented at all 280 airports in 105 countries that have flights to the U.S., the new rules would affect about 325,000 passengers a day. 

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