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Traits of a Good Hotel



Do you love traveling? Do you love meeting new people and experiencing new places? I know you do and that is why you are here looking at the traits of a good hotel because this will help you select the best hotels for your next travel.

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Well, we were talking about hotels and traveling. When you are traveling you choose a hotel because you have to stay the night and get refreshed for the next day. But if the hotel is not comfortable or if you choose a hotel which cannot give you comfort which you deserve then there is a swift chance that you might do not be able to enjoy your vacations. So what are those traits upon which you can see a hotel so that next time you do not have to struggle at night to sleep comfortably?


If you are traveling and are looking for a nice comfortable hotel for your stay then you must not forget the following quality/traits of a good hotel:


Suppose you are going on a business trip for four days. Your routine starts at 9:00 am. Every day except the last day of your trip you have to reach to expo center which is located at the heart of that city however you are staying outside of the city. So is this hotel a good fit for you? No right. Or let us change the situation. You are going for a vocation and have booked a hotel at a place from which all the monuments and shopping centers are an hour away. Is this a good hotel? Well yes, it depends upon what are you there for but if you are in a hotel which is near to the expo center plus shopping centers and food streets. How will this hotel be for a visitor? Ideal right? That is why a good hotel is always near to the most important parts of a city, and hence location is very important.


A hotel is not worth staying if it is not clean. Like you find dust on the floor, wet washrooms, dirty towels, used soaps and much more. These small things enhance the experience of a visitor. So if you are looking for a hotel, just see how clean it is. You can check it by asking fellow travelers on Facebook groups. They will tell you about their experience.


If you are in a service business, then you are aware of this fact that your staff is your ambassadors and they are responsible for creating an exotic or the worst experience of a guest. Big hotels or hotels which are growing usually have very friendly staff which helps guests to make them comfortable. To know how hotel staff is, you can just give a call on the front desk of that hotel and start asking some annoying questions to see when they get annoyed and react. Remember, no matter how clean a hotel is and how close the hotel is from your location, if the staff is not friendly you will never like that hotel and will never visit it.


Imagine that you came from a long flight of 14 hours and you are hungry. You checked into your hotel room and ordered some yummy delicious hot sizzling steak in your room. The person on the phone said that it would take 15 minutes to serve you the food. Meanwhile, you got freshen up. Thirty minutes passed away and no food. You called the room service again, and they said sir 5 minutes. Again 15 minutes passed. Finally, you got your order but cold. How will you feel? Angry? Annoyed? This is what you have to look for while booking your room in a hotel. How is their room service? Are they efficient and speedy or slow and annoying? These all add up to your experience. So a good hotel will serve you efficiently and quickly.


You are being inclusive means having many facilities for guests. So what services do a hotel offers to you? Does it have a complimentary breakfast? Does it offer you a gym, spa, activity area, different restaurants, and more? Because you might want to relax for some days and then go out to look at tourist destinations. Or you might do not want to go out looking for breakfast in an unknown city when you have to rush for a meeting. So a good restaurant offers many services for providing convenience to the guests. So before booking a hotel, do look at the services which you can avail of while you are staying there.


The most important place which you must look at. How is the room? Is your room spacious and comfortable? Because you might not be looked in a room for a whole day but having a good night's sleep helps you wake up fresh the next day so that you can enjoy your stay in that country or city.


I know you are eagerly waiting for holidays and spend your vocations to an amazing place like Orlando or Bali or Baku or any other place you find exotic. Still, the main you might be thinking about how I can decide where to stay in that country or city? Right?

Well, this is now very simple. You can look for them online. However, you still need some help regarding having a checklist to understand which hotel suits you better for you?

There are many items upon which you can rate a hotel which suits best for you, but we recommend some of these like locations. Location is very important because it affects your mobility from one place to another. If you find a hotel closer to your destination, then that hotel might be a good fit for you, but you have to consider some intrinsic factors as well.

Look at the staff and their speed of service. If the staff is not helpful and is lazy, you will never want to go to that hotel no matter how close it may be from your planned destinations. The staff of a good hotel must be friendly, helpful, caring and supportive. They also are quick in responding and serving you.

What services do that hotel offers to guests also add value to your stay? Look if they are offering breakfast or not? Do they have some extra facilities like gyms, spa, etc.? They make your experience worth spending.


The most important thing is the room and the condition of it. If your room is not clean and tidy, you will not be able to have an experience; rather, you will be unhappy and lazy to wake up tomorrow. Hence no matter where you are going just keep these things in mind when selecting a hotel for your stay because they help you have additional experience in your travel diary.


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