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Top 5 Places to Visit on Your Next Antarctica Adventure



Without the buzz of mass tourism, Antarctica is offering any willing traveler a fantastic adventure trip worth recapturing for the rest of your life. If you want to escape the busy and stressful world, take a few minutes to check what Antarctica can offer.

Compared to overrun tourist destinations, Antarctica still retains its wide-open and pristine wilderness. When you decide to visit Antarctica, you have to prepare yourself for an adventure and expedition, unlike any other ordinary vacation.

With Antarctica being so big and open, here are the top five hotspots in the world’s coldest continent.

The Dry Valleys of McMurdo 

As a whole, Antarctica is considered as the world’s largest desert. If you want to experience the Antarctica-way of desert living, you can visit McMurdo Sound’s Dry Valleys in the west. Here, you can get a good grasp of how life is in outer space. NASA even uses this region to study environmental factors, train astronauts, and test space equipment.

Tourists often laud the area for its alien-like environment. So, if you’re up for some out of the earth, desert-like experience, make sure to include McMurdo’s Dry Valleys on your Antarctica places to visit.

Ross Ice Shelf


This ice shelf is a massive chunk of land-ice floating on water. It’s around 15 to 50 meters high on the front. It’s a great place to visit since it’s considered as Antarctica’s most prominent ice shelf. It occupies around 487,000 square kilometers and 500 miles (across) of space. 90 percent of the ice is submerged in water.

If you want to see how majestic Mother Nature is, make sure to book a cruise that will pass by the Ross Ice Shelf when you visit Antarctica.

Snowhill Island

If you want to see colonies of Emperor Penguins, come by Snowhill Island on your next trip to Antarctica. There are two colonies of emperor penguins in the whole Antarctic Peninsula that are land-bound -- one in Dion Islands, and another on Snowhill Island.

There are around 400 pairs of these penguins that breed on the shores of Dion and Snowhill islands every year. These penguins were first spotted in 1842 by a British explorer named James Clark Ross. After 60 years, Otto Nordenskiöld, a Swedish explorer, made the island his base during his 1901 to 1903 summer explorations. Until now, his hut still stands on the island as a historical site.

Geographic South Pole


Shackleton, Scott, and Amundsen used to dream that the geographic South Pole, will be reachable through airplane. If you want to relive the magnificent journey of these researchers to the end of the earth, make sure to visit the Geographic South Pole. And when you do, make sure to bring all your winter gear as this area tends to be chillier compared to other coastal regions.

Antarctic Peninsula

Aside from the regions and islands near the peninsula, the Antarctic island is in itself a great place to visit. This place is where you can find different varieties of birds, penguins, whales, walruses, seals, and fish.

How can you book for an Antarctic Peninsula tour?

If you’re ready to visit the Antarctic Peninsula, book your travel with Polar Holidays. You can be positive that you get expert advice as to the best season, month, and places to visit on your next getaway. Plan your vacation and get ready for a luxury vacation you won’t forget.


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