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Too real? Sicily Mafia boss son takes heat for tours

A knowledgeable guide is always a good thing when you're on a tour, but in this case, critics say, it may be too much.


Angelo Provenzano, from Corleone, Sicily (yes, that's where the name came from), is the son of Bernardo Provenzano, long-time chief leader of the Mafia, and now in jail for, among other things, ordering the assassination of judges who were investigating the Mafia.


While the younger Provenzano hasn't been convicted of anything, organizations of families who lost members to Mafia violence are protesting that the tours, in which Provenzano describes life with his father to groups of American tourists, are offensive.


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I'm a little surprised he's "talking", which likely means very few details are forthcoming from the young Angelo.  Seems someone is always offended by something, but if Angelo wasn't involved in the crimes I think he has the right to speak.


The killing of these judges was a huge game changer in Sicily.  Before this act the Mafia was not liked much, but tolerated.  With the murders, the public turned against them and helped police finger the mob.  Many arrests occurred and the mob has faded into the background -- still there, but it's much less powerful.  It was truly a bad calculation on the part of the mafia.

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