Sept 1, 2016: Wild Roses on the River Side.


These wild roses have a perfume you can smell from 30 feet away.

They grow wild in the sand hills next to the River Mersey in Liverpool, England.

The wind turbines in the distance have stopped. The Yachts have no wind to sail by.

Just a beautiful summer's day.


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A great moment of a wonderful day....

We have wild roses in North America too, at least in the mountains and northern parts.  But they are smaller and while they smell nice, are not as fragrant as those you describe.

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IMG_1301          WILD ROSES


Wild Fruit - before the birds eat them !

I've been told by other walkers that further along you can only smell wild Jasmine.

On the waters edge - where these grow - can best be described as a cool climate. With the onshore breeze off the river it rarely passes above 21c / 70f. So about the same climate as your Mountain rose.

The smell really takes you by surprise - like walking into a small room holding a large "Women's Institute"meeting ! Perfume overload !DSCF8672


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